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The Board of Commissioners is the legislative body of Alcona County government.  In this role, the duties of the Commissioners are to pass resolutions that establish policies which include: the County budget, appropriations, personnel, capital improvements, County services and other internal matters.  In addition, the Commissioners provide constituent services to residents who may have problems with a County agency or office.



District 1
Alcona Twp
Caledonia Twp
Dan Gauthier (R)
5370 Cherlyn
Black River, MI 49721
District 2
Haynes Twp
Harrisville Twp
City of Harrisville
Craig Johnston (R)
4095 E. M-72
Harrisville, MI 48749
District 3
Mikado Twp
Greenbush Twp
Carolyn Brummund (R)
4661 US-23 South
Greenbush, MI 48738
District 4
Hawes Twp
Haynes Twp
Gustin Twp
Adam Brege (R)
155 Sunday Dr.
Lincoln, MI 48742
District 5
Curtis Twp
Millen Twp
Mitchell Twp
Mikado Twp
Gary Wnuk (UST)
4696 Wildwood Trl
Barton City, MI 48705
Mailing PO ox 327, Lincoln MI 48742