Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds office is the official recording office for all legal documents affecting real property.  The duties of the Register of Deeds are prescribed by state law.  Documents are recorded by a uniform system and statutory fees set by the state legislature.

The Register of Deeds office does not prepare documents or answer legal questions.  Please see an attorney for document preparation and legal advice.

 Recording of legal documents which include but are not limited to: warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, mortgages, mortgage assignments, mortgage discharges, land contracts, liens, lien releases, easements, right of ways, oil and gas leases, subdivision plats, surveys, land corners, and court orders that affect real property.

U.S. Passport Acceptance Facility.

Recording fee is $30.00 per document.  For documents assigning or discharging more than 1 instrument an additional $3.00 is required for each document assigned or discharged.

Copies of real estate records are $1.00 per page.  Certified documents are $5.00 in addition to the copy fee.

Warranty Deeds, land contracts, assignment of land contracts, any deed that conveys and warrants, master deed for condominium, and subdivision plats require a tax certificate from the treasurer’s office.

Tax certificate - $5.00 per document (up to 5 descriptions)

Each additional description 20 cents

 Laredo online – This is a subscription-based search.  For more information please contact Missy or Nancy at the register of deeds office.

Tapestry – online records search that is fee based.

Documents mailed for recording require a self-addressed stamped envelope for their return.

The receipt of an over payment in the amount of $10.00 or less received for recording by mail will be forfeited to the county.