Business Assumed Names/CO-Partnership

Persons who own, conduct or transact business in Alcona County are required by statute, to file their business names in this county, on forms provided by the County Clerk’s Office.
The fee for filing, renewing or dissolving either the Certificate of Assumed Name or the Certificate of Co-partnership is $10.00; two certified copies of the certificate will be issued. The certificate is valid for five years from the date of filing.

The Certificate of Assumed Name and Certificate of Co-partnership are not complicated, but they are legal documents. Information given on them should be as complete and accurate as possible. Notarization of the certificate is also necessary. For assumed names, all signatures must be notarized. If filing a co-partnership, all owners’ signatures are required; however, only one owner’s signature needs to be notarized.

It is the responsibility of persons owning a business to notify this office and file the required forms if:

1. The principal address of the business changes.
2. The business is dissolved.


Assumed Name Form

Assumed Name Dissolution Form