The Alcona County - Economic Development Committee needs your help to bring High Speed Fiber Network Internet Services for All to Your Doorstep


See attached "Letter of Support"  (Letter can be mailed or emailed )




The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (B.E.A.D.) Program, provides $42.45 billion to expand High-Speed Internet access by funding planning, infrastructure deployment and adoption programs in all 50 states.  In Michigan, the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment program will provide approximately $1.8 billion in federal B.E.A.D. funding that will be administered by the State of Michigan’s,  Michigan High-Speed Internet Office (MIHI).


By gaining community support within Alcona County, CCC will receive positive points in the B.E.A.D. granting process, thus giving them a better overall score towards a possible award, in the form of increased B.E.A.D. funding for construction and deployment of an Open Access High Speed Internet Fiber Network. CCC and Alcona County are supporting a fiber only network buildout in Alcona County.


Please fill out the attached Letter of Support as this B.E.A.D. funding opportunity would catapult Alcona County’s efforts to obtain a countywide Open Access, High Speed Internet Fiber Network for all.

Please return your completed Letter of Support to the address listed on the form.