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Statutory Fees/Copy and Search Fees/Refund Policy


For entering and recording DEEDS, MORTGAGES, LIS PENDENS, CERTIFIED COPIES OF COURT DOCUMENTS, or other instruments:
•    Effective October 1, 2016, recording fees for all documents recorded in the Register of Deeds office will be $30.00 regardless of the number of pages.  The fee of $3. after the first instrument reference remains in effect.  Should you have any questions, please visit the Michigan Legislature website at
This fee change is in accordance to Michigan Public Acts 224 through 232 of 2016.
Any document which assigns or discharges more than one instrument, a $3.00 fee shall be added for each additional instrument being assigned or discharged.
*$4.00 of this fee is deposited to the Michigan State Survey and Remonumentation (MSSR) fund. The $4.00 M.S.S.R. Fee is not assessed on Fixture Filings; State and Federal Liens; State Deeds; Plats or Treasurer’s Tax Reversion Documents.




Real Estate Record copy: $1.00 per page
U.C.C. Record copy :$2.00 per page


$5.00 per document Fee of any of the above copies. [To be eligible for certification, the document must be copied in its entirety.


Searching the Real Estate Record per name: $0.50 per name -$5.00 minimum fee. State Tax Lien Certificate:
$3.00 per name searched Federal Tax Lien Search: $3.00 per name searched.
U.C.C. -11 Certificate: $6.00 per name searched.



Effective July 14, 2014, refund checks for overpayment of recording fees will no longer be issued by the Register of Deeds Office. Any overpayment of ten dollars or less will be forfeited to the County. Documents submitted for recording by mail wherein the check for recording fees exceeds ten dollars will be returned to the submitting party. Documents submitted for recording in person will not be recorded if the checks for recording fees exceed ten dollars. If the check for recording fees is ten dollars or less, the overpayment will be forfeited to record the documents if the submitting party is in agreement.